Welcome to TNK

The ability to convert
a basic raw idea to reality
with only what is available.
That's what TNK represents.


Meet the TNK

TNK is a small, battery powered, custom build, tracked vehicle. It has WiFi connectivity, night vision, rotating distance sensor, multiple driving modes, camera, action buttons, speakers, lightbar and various types of head- and tail lights.
It is controled via a web interface and charged via USB.
TNK started its life as a one off creative evening project but evolved into personal showcase and chalenging build.


Let's check out how TNK is build.

Base and tracks


A floor, sprockets, tracks, gearbox and motors provided by Tamiya. Together they form the platform for TNK.



Three 18650 cells from a Storm powerpack provide ampel power for the TNK. The switches are used to change between charge, drive and power off.



Only single cell chargers were available at the time. So three are used, one for each cell. The red LED's are braking lights.

DC-DC converter


The DC-DC converter transforms the juice of the batterypack (12V) to something more snackable for the electronics and engine (5V).

Gearbox and motors


The Tamyia gearbox and motors in detail.

Motor driver


The motor driver to control the power to the engine.

Camera assembly

Sight and lights

An no-IR Pi camera together with some IR LED's and resistors provide (night) vision. Two RGB LED's are also present for regular lights.

Lights print

Print for IR lights, measure battery voltage and control regular lighs.

A MCP3008 is used to control several light sets and measure the battery voltage. The finder relais is used to switch the IR leds.

Control print

Print for controlling the speakers and connect the ultrasone sensor and servo.

A XXXXXXX is used to amplyfy the output of the USB soundcard to the speakers.The board also servers as an intermediate to connect the speakers, servo and ultrasone sensor.

Lights controller

Print for RGB lights.

A XXXXXXX is used to switch the RGB lights and the bright signal lights on top of TNK.

Top assembly

Top part of the TNK.

The top assembly of TNK. It contains a servo with an HC-SR04 ultrasone sensor and signal lights and speakers. Two buttons are also fitted on the side to control the TNK without a WiFi / web connection.